Acceptability of yacon flakes (Smallanthus sonchifolia) for dietary use with inulin

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dc.description.abstract "This study aimed to elaborate on yacon flakes and determine the proximal composition of fresh yacon and final flakes, made at different temperatures (120°C, 150°C and 180°C) for 20 mins. We measured the acceptability of the sensory attributes: taste, texture, odour and colour and the global acceptability at the laboratory level, using semi-trained panellists and an unstructured hedonic scale. The acceptability of the flakes was measured at different temperatures. Our results indicate that the flakes made at 180°C had the highest acceptance (87%), and the flakes made at 120°C had 80% of unacceptability. Our data were analysed according to the analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Tukey's test. We found significant differences between the averages of the taste scores (T0:7.1; T1:7.6; T2:6.7; T3:4.6), p<0.05; texture (T0:7.1; T1:7.2; T2:5.7; T3:4.5), p<0.05; and odour (T0:7.2; T1:7.6; T2:5.1; T3:3.3), p<0.05. The amount of fructooligosaccharides on a fresh basis was Ⱦ±SD (31.60±0.650) and on a dry basis (37.44±1DS). Microbiological analysis shows that the flakes are fit for human consumption. It is concluded that yacon flakes contain significant amounts of inulin, being a good substitute alternative for the preparation of snack-type dietetic products" es_ES
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dc.subject Smallanthus sonchifolia, Yacon, Inulin, Fructooligosaccharides, Acceptability es_ES
dc.title Acceptability of yacon flakes (Smallanthus sonchifolia) for dietary use with inulin es_ES
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