"COVID-19, workforce, employment, job layoff, Latin America " [1]
      "COVID-19; acute kidney injury; intensive care units; antibacterials " [1]
      "COVID-19; mental health; suicide risk; public health; post-traumatic stress disorder; sleep quality" [2]
      "Cuprous oxide nanoparticles Green synthesis Textile functionalization Antimicrobial activity" [1]
      "dragon fruit; fruit waste; microbial fuel cells; generation; bioelectricity " [2]
      "Dropout Prediction Recurrent neural network Text Unit short-term memory" [1]
      "earned value management (EVM); baseline performance management; project scope; project baseline schedule; project monitoring and control; earned schedule (ES); analytical hierarchical process" [2]
      "eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV); infection; Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEEV); GIS; geographic information systems; equines; epidemiology" [2]
      "Efectividad Cognición Emoción Empatía adolescente Infección Resiliencia Resistencia" [1]
      "erectile dysfunction, sleep disorders, International Index of Erectile Function, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, Berlin questionnaire" [1]
      "Escala de Ideación Suicida de Roberts, desarrollo del ser humano" [1]
      "fair trade, agricultural producers, environmental impact, social responsibility, economic development, environmental footprint" [1]
      "Fire company; logistics process; mobile application; RUP methodology; expert survey" [2]
      "Geographic information systems; Native com- munities; Peru; South America; Spatial analysis; Spatial interaction model" [2]
      "health, journalists, nutrition, nutritional content, quality of information, weeklies" [1]
      "Hematuria, Fase Preanalítica, Enfermedades renales (Fuente: DeCS-BIREME). " [1]
      "Intelligent System, Expert System; Artificial Intelligence in Tourism; Knowledge Base; Tourism Orientation. " [1]
      "L-asparaginase Psychrotolerant yeast Leucosporidium scottii Antarctic ecosystems Cold-adapted yeast Leukemia" [2]
      "Low birth weight Newborns Prenatal care Antenatal care Peru" [2]
      "Machine learning; adaptability; students; online education; prediction; model" [2]