• Facile Gram-Scale Synthesis of NiO Nanoflowers for Highly Selective and Sensitive Electrocatalytic Detection of Hydrazine 

      Ferreira, Rayse M. ; Morawski, Franciele M. ; Pessanha, Emanuel C. ; S. de Lima, Scarllett L.; da Costa, Diana S. ; Ribeiro, Geyse A. C. ; Vaz, João ; Mouta, Rodolpho ; Tanaka, Auro A. ; Liu, Liying ; da Silva, Maria I. P. ; Tofanello, Aryane ;  Vitorino, Hector A.; da Silva, Anderson G. M. ; Garcia, Marco A. S.  (American Chemical Society, 2023-03-21)
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      The design and development of efficient and electrocatalytic sensitive nickel oxide nanomaterials have attracted attention as they are considered cost-effective, stable, and abundant electrocatalytic sensors. However, ...