• A bibliometric analysis of 47-years of research on public health in Peru 

      Sevillano-Jimenez, Javier; Carrión-Chambilla, Mario; Espinoza-Lecca, Eduardo; Mori-Quispe, Elizabeth; Contreras-Pulache, Hans; Moya-Salazar, Jeel (Modestum LTD, 2023-03-21)
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      “Objectives: To measure Peruvian scientific production on public health in Scopus database. Methods: Bibliometric study using advanced Scopus web search engine (https://www.scopus.com/search/ form.uri?display=advanced). ...
    • A cross-sectional study to assess the level of satisfaction with virtual education in Peruvian medical students 

      Grados-Espinoza, Pamela; Zila-Velasque, J Pierre; Soriano-Moreno, David R; Regalado-Rodríguez, Kateriny Margot; Sosa-Nuñez, Frank; Barzola-Farfán, William; Gronerth, Jim; Guizado, Lucia; Mejia, Christian R (Frontiers SA, 2022-10-06)
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      “Objectives: Education has totally changed in the context of the pandemic. Therefore, the objective of the present study was to evaluate the factors associated with the level of satisfaction with virtual education in ...
    • A Functional Assessment Tool to Distinguish Controls From Alzheimer’s Disease in Lima, Peru 

      Custodio, Nilton; Montesinos, Rosa; Chambergo-Michilot, Diego; Herrera-Perez, Eder; Pintado-Caipa, Maritza; Seminario, Wendy; Cuenca, Jose; Mesía, Laura; Failoc-Rojas, Virgilio E; Diaz, Monica M (SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC, 2022)
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      Background: The Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study-Activities of Daily Living (ADCS-ADL) scale is a versatile functional assessment tool for patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). We evaluated its performance in controls, ...
    • A nationwide pilot study on breast cancer screening in Peru 

      Araujo, Jhajaira M.; Gómez, Andrea C.; Zingg-De Jongh, Winston; Ausejo, Jhon; Córdova, Iván; Schwarz, Luis J.; Bretel, Denisse; Fajardo, Williams; Saravia-Huarca, Luis G.; Barboza-Meca, Joshuan; Morante, Zaida; Guillén, Juan R.; Gómez, Henry; Cárdenas, Nadezhda K.; Hernández, Lady; Melo, Walter; Villarreal-Garza, Cynthia; Caglevic, Christian; Palacio, Carolina; García, Héctor; Mejía, Gerson; Flores, Claudio; Vallejos, Carlos; Pinto, Joseph A. (CANCER INTELLIGENCE LTD, 2023-01-09)
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      “Introduction: A high prevalence of advanced breast cancer (BC) is a common scenario in Latin America. In Peru, the frequency of BC at Stages III/IV is ≈50% despite implementation of a programme for breast cancer screening ...
    • “A Systematic Review of Earned Value Management Methods for Monitoring and Control of Project Schedule Performance: An AHP Approach “ 

      Mayo-Alvarez, Luis; Alvarez-Risco, Aldo; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Sekar, M. Chandra; Yáñez, Jaime A. (MDPI, 2022-11-17)
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      “: Successful project management depends on ensuring the project’s objectives. Within these objectives, technical success is associated with achieving the expectations of the project baseline. The baseline of the project ...
    • Acute Hepatic and Renal Toxicity Assessment of Euphorbia huanchahana (Klotzsch & Garcke) Boissier (Huachangana) in Holtzman Rats 

      Villafuerte, Graciela; Ñañez, Daniel; Félix, Luis M.; Moya-Salazar, Marcia M.; Torres-Véliz, Ernesto R.; Ramos, Antonio G.; Contreras-Pulache, Hans; Moya-Salazar, Marcia M. (MDPI, 2022-06-30)
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      Background:Euphorbia huachahana (Klotzch & Garcke) Boissier (Huachangana)(EhKGBh)has been used for over a century for medicinal purposes in the Peruvian population; however, itssafety and possible toxic effects of use have ...
    • Adaptation and Validation of a Monkeypox Concern Instrument in Peruvian Adults 

      Mamani-Benito, Oscar; Carranza Esteban, Renzo Felipe; Pichen Fernández, Juan; Apaza Tarqui, Edison Effer; Mejia, Christian R.; Alvarez-Risco, Aldo; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Yáñez, Jaime A. (MDPI, 2022-09-28)
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      La viruela del simio está causando gran preocupación en la sociedad por su gran poder infectivo y la posibilidad de que se convierta en una nueva pandemia. Este estudio tuvo como objetivo adaptar y validar la escala de ...
    • Alterations in the coagulation markers did not show differences with the severity of COVID-19 in Peruvian patients: A cross-sectional single-center study 

      Moya-Salazar, Jeel; Cóndor, Liliana Y.; Zuñiga, Nahomi; Jaime-Quispe, Alexis; Moya-Salazar, Jeel; Chicoma-Flores, Karina; Cañari, Betsy; Contreras-Pulache, Hans (HEALTH SCIENCE REPORTS, 2023-03-15)
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      Background and Aims:COVID‐19 is a pandemic disease that can lead to alteredlung function, systemic inflammatory events, and altered coagulation. During severestages of the disease, changes in coagulation homeostasis increase, ...
    • Analysis of the Impact of the Pandemic on the Growth, Use, and Development of E-Business: A Systematic Review of the Literature 

      Ambrosio-Pérez, Milagros; Cabanillas-Carbonell, Michael; Iparraguirre-Villanueva, Orlando (MDPI, 2023-04-18)
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      The COVID-19 pandemic has affected various sectors in multiple countries, among them the economic sector has been one of the most affected, so the search for tools or measures for the continuation of sales and processes ...
    • “Antarctic yeasts as a source of L-asparaginase: Characterization of a glutaminase-activity free L-asparaginase from psychrotolerant yeast Leucosporidium scottii L115“ 

      Sanchez-Moguel, Ignacio; Costa-Silva, Tales A.; Pillaca-Pullo, Omar S.; Flores-Santos, Juan Carlos; Barros Freire, Rominne Karla; Carretero, Gustavo; Bueno, Júlia da Luz; Camacho-Cordova, David I.; Santos, Joáo H.P.M.; Sette, Lara Duraes; Pessoa-Jr., Adalberto (Elsevier Ltd, 2023-03-08)
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      “Microorganisms from extreme environments, such as the Antarctic ecosystems, have a great potential to produce enzymes with novel characteristics. Within this context, L-asparaginase (ASNase) obtained from yeast species ...
    • Antibacterial and Antiadhesion Effects of Psidium guajava Fractions on a Multispecies Biofilm Associated with Periodontitis 

      Millones Gómez, Pablo Alejandro; Requena Mendizábal, Margarita Fe; Calla Poma, Roger Damaso; Rosales Cifuentes, Tania Valentina; Malpartida Quispe, Federico Martin; Maurtua Torres, Dora Jesús; Bacilio Amaranto, Reyma Evelyn; Minchón Medina, Carlos Alberto; Ponce Contreras, Lusin Antonio (Association of Support to Oral Health Research (APESB), 2022)
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      Objective: To assess the antibacterial activity of Psidium guajava fractions and their effects on adhesion of a multispecies biofilm consisting of Streptococcus gordonii, Fusobacterium nucleatum, and Porphyromonas gingivalis ...
    • Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity of Functionalized Cotton Fabric with Nanocomposite Based on Silver Nanoparticles and Carboxymethyl Chitosan 

      Arenas-Chávez, Carlos Alberto; De Hollanda, Luciana Maria; Arce-Esquivel, Arturo A.; Aldo Alvarez-Risco; Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla; Yáñez, Jaime A.; Vera-Gonzales, Corina (MDPI, 2022-05-30)
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      “Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber for textiles; however, the capacity of cotton fibers to absorb large amounts of moisture, retain oxygen, and have a high specific surface area makes them more prone to microbial ...
    • Antigen-Induced IL-1RA Production Discriminates Active and Latent Tuberculosis Infection 

      Sanchez, Cesar; Jaramillo-Valverde, Luis; Capristano, Silvia; Solis, Gilmer; Soto, Alonso; Valdivia-Silva, Julio; Poterico, Julio A.; Guio, Heinner (MDPI, 2023-05-25)
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      The IGRA (Interferon Gamma Release Assays) test is currently the standard specific test for Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection status. However, a positive test cannot distinguish between active tuberculosis disease (ATBD) ...
    • Antiviral Treatment against Monkeypox: A Scoping Review 

      Ortiz-Saavedra, Brando; León-Figueroa, Darwin A.; Montes-Madariaga, Elizbet S.; Ricardo-Martínez, Alex; Alva, Niza; Cabanillas-Ramirez, Cielo; Barboza, Joshuan J.; Siddiq, Abdelmonem; Coaguila Cusicanqui, Luis A.; Bonilla-Aldana, D. Katterine; Rodriguez-Morales, Alfonso J. (MDPI, 2022-11-10)
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      During the COVID-19 pandemic, the increase in reports of human monkeypox virus infection cases spreading in many countries outside Africa is a major cause for concern. Therefore, this study aimed to explore the evidence ...
    • Application of Learning Software in Basic Education Students with Intellectual Disabilities: A Systematic Review of the Literature 

      Vasquez Ubaldo, Alfredo; Gutierrez-Barreto, Vanessa; Sierra-Liñan, Fernando; Cabanillas-Carbonell, Michael (International Association of Online Engineering, 2023-02-16)
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      The world is currently facing the problem of the lack of education in basic education for students with intellectual disabilities. Therefore, it is important to follow up and monitor the various learning software that helps ...
    • “Artificial Intelligence Model Based on Grey Clustering to Access Quality of Industrial Hygiene: A Case Study in Peru“ 

      Delgado, Alexi; Condori, Ruth; Hernández, Miluska; Lee Huamani, Enrique; Andrade-Arenas, Laberiano (MDPI, 2023-03-03)
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      Industrial hygiene is a preventive technique that tries to avoid professional illnesses and damage to health caused by several possible toxic agents. The purpose of this study is to simultaneously analyze different risk ...
    • Association between alcohol consumption and overweight among university students in Latin America 

      Parra-Soto, Solange ; Araya, Carolina ; Morales, Gladys ; Araneda Flores, Jacqueline ; Landaeta-Díaz, Leslie ; Gabriela Murillo, Ana; Gomez, Georgina ; Ríos-Castillo, Israel ; Carpio-Arias, Valeria ; Cavagnari, Brian M ; Nava-Gonzalez, Edna J. ; Bejarano-Roncancio, Jhon Jairo ; Núñez-Martínez, Beatriz Elizabeth ; Cordón-Arrivillag, Karla ; Meza-Miranda, Eliana Romina ; Mauricio-Alza, Saby ; Durán Agüero, Samuel  (SOC CHILENA NUTRICION, BROMATOLOGIA & TOXICOLOGIA, 2023-05-21)
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      Introducción: El sobrepeso y la obesidad son problemas de salud pública de nivel mundial. Si bien existe información respecto al consumo de alcohol en estudiantes universitarios durante la pandemia, pocos autores han ...
    • Association between childhood trauma and mental health disorders in adolescents during the second pandemic wave of COVID-19, Chiclayo-Peru 

      Valladares-Garrido, Mario J. ; León-Figueroa, Darwin A. ; Dawson, Franccesca M. ; Burga-Cachay, Stefany C. ; Fernandez-Canani, Maria A. ; Failoc-Rojas, Virgilio E. ; Pereira-Victorio, César Johan ; Valladares-Garrido, Danai ;  Inga-Berrospi, Fiorella (FRONTIERS MEDIA SA, 2023-06-22)
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      Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected mental health, with children and adolescents being particularly vulnerable. Evidence on the association between childhood trauma and mental health outcomes in ...
    • Association between Family Dysfunction and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in School Students during the Second COVID-19 Epidemic Wave in Peru 

      Fernandez-Canani, Maria A.; Burga-Cachay, Stefany C.; Valladares-Garrido, Mario J. (MDPI, 2022-07-30)
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      “Although the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on children and adolescents’ mental health has been studied, there is still scarce evidence of the influence of nuclear family on the development of post-traumatic stress ...
    • Association between inadequate prenatal care and low birth weight of newborns in Peru: Evidence from a peruvian demographic and health survey 

      Caira-Chuquineyra, Brenda; Fernandez-Guzman,  Daniel ; Giraldez-Salazar,  Humberto ; Urrunaga-Pastor, Diego ; Bendezu-Quispe,  Guido  (Elsevier Ltd, 2023-03-20)
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      “Objective To assess the association between inadequate prenatal care (IPNC) and Low birth weight (LBW) in newborns of singleton gestation mothers in Peru. Methods We performed a secondary analysis of data from the ...