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    • Sexuality in people living with a serious mental illness: A meta-synthesis of qualitative evidence 

      Hortal-Mas, Roger; Moreno-Poyato, Antonio Rafael; Granel-Giménez, Nina; Roviralta-Vilella, Maria; Watson-Badia, Carolina; Gómez-Ibáñez, Rebeca; Aguayo-González, Mariela Patricia; Giménez-Díez, David; Bernabeu-Tamayo, Maria Dolores; Leyva-Moral, Juan Manuel (John Wiley and Sons Inc, 2020-09-03)
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      “Introduction: Sexuality-related nursing care is scarce and mainly focuses on biological issues. There is also a lack of knowledge about how serious mental illnesses affect sexuality. Aim: To explain how people with a ...
    • Características laborales y académicas de los recursos humanos del sistema de salud en ocho países de Latinoamérica 

      Mejía, Christian R.; Chacón, Jhosselyn L.; Serrano, Felipe T.; Antón-Montero, Vicente; Gavilema-Tipantuña, Danny; orge, Marian J; Garay, Edwin; Estupiñán, Andrea; Madrigal-Miranda, Jason F. (Universidad de Antioquia, 2021-01-28)
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      Introducción: la mayoría de las investigaciones muestran la situa-ción de los recursos humanos del sistema de salud en países primer-mundistas, por lo que es necesario caracterizar nuestra realidad lati-noamericana ...
    • “Motivación de logro general y rendimiento académico en estudiantes cubanos de Estomatología“ 

      Corrales Reyes, Ibraín Enrique; Mamani Benito, Oscar; Apaza Tarqui, Edison Effer; Mejia, Christian R. (Editorial Ciencias Medicas, 2021-03-08)
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      “Introducción: La periodontitis apical asintomática es de los diagnósticos endodónticos más comunes que se presentan en la población mundial. Consiste en la afectación del tejido periapical como resultado de la activación ...
    • Geographic and socioeconomic inequalities in cesarean birth rates in Peru: A comparison between 2009 and 2018 

      Hernández-Vásquez, Akram; Chacón-Torrico, Horacio; Bendezu-Quispe, Guido (John Wiley and Sons Inc, 2021-07-08)
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      Background There is a global concern about the high rates of cesarean birth (CB). This study aimed to investigate the geographic and socioeconomic inequalities in CB rates in the Peruvian population. Methods We conducted ...
    • Automedicación y riesgo de abuso con benzodiacepinas en pacientes adultos Lima-Perú, 2019 

      Cabanillas-Tejada, John K.; Allpas-Gómez, Henry L.; Brito-Nuñez, Jesús D.; Mejia, Christian R. (Sociedad de Neurologia Psiquiatria y Neurocirugia, 2021-09-26)
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      “Introduction: Benzodiazepines have the potential to generate abuse, so an indiscriminate consumption, through the sale without prescription and the practice of self-medication, would mean a high risk due to their abuse. ...
    • Measuring the Protective Effect of Health Insurance Coverage on Out-of-Pocket Expenditures During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Peruvian Population 

      Hernández-Vásquez, Akram; Rojas-Roque, Carlos; Barrenechea-Pulache, Antonio; Guido Bendezú-Quispe (Kerman University of Medical Sciences, 2021-11-07)
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      Abstract Background: Health insurance coverage is expected to protect individuals from out-of-pocket (OOP) expenditures, potentially preventing them from falling into poverty. However, to date, the effect of health ...
    • How much Fear of COVID-19 is There in Latin America? A Prospective Exploratory Study in Six Countries 

      Moya-Salazar, Jeel; Cañari, Betsy; Contreras-Pulache, Hans (Modestum LTD, 2021-12-02)
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      Introduction: During the unprecedented lockdown, COVID-19 is causing people to suffer from mental disorders in response to strict containment measures. Latin America is the third most severely affected continent, and ...
    • COVID-19 symptomatology and compliance with community mitigation strategies in Latin America early during the COVID-19 pandemic 

      Herrera-Anazco, Percy; Urrunaga-Pastor, Diego; Benites-Zapata, Vicente A.; Bendezu-Quispe, Guido; Toro-Huamanchumo, Carlos J.; Hernandez, Adrian V. (Elsevier Inc., 2021-12-10)
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      Introduction: Community mitigation strategies (CMS) have demonstrated to be effective in the reduction of transmission and incidence of COVID-19, especially in the population with symptoms associated with the disease. The ...
    • Sociodemographic Predictors Associated with the Willingness to Get Vaccinated against COVID-19 in Peru: A Cross-Sectional Survey 

      Vizcardo, David; Figueroa Salvador, Linder; Nole-Vara, Arian; Pizarro Dávila, Karen; Alvarez-Risco, Aldo; Yáñez, Jaime A.; Mejia, Christian R. (MDPI, 2021-12-30)
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      During the race for the development of a vaccine against COVID-19, even before itscommercialization, part of the population has already shown a growing fear of its application. Wedesigned an analytical cross-sectional ...

      Ruiz-Aquino, Mely; Díaz-Lazo, Anibal Valentín; Ubillús, Milward; Aguí-Ortiz, Alejandrina Kibutz; Rojas-Bravo, Violeta (MDPI, 2022)
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      The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a crisis in health systems around the world with a rapid increase in human contagion. As well, a gap is identified in the knowledge of COVID-19 prevention in the community context. ...
    • Methodology for muscle recovery, through motor imagery techniques applying virtual reality 

      Ovalle, Christian; Cordova-Buiza, Franklin; Linares, Oscar; Auccahuasi, Aly; Romero Echevarría, Martha; Meza, Sandra; Urbano, Kitty; Barrera Loza, Ana; Figueroa Revilla, Jorge; Bernardo, Grisi (Institute of Physics, 2022)
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      “Recovery of movement is a long and hard process for patients. One of the most common problems that occurs is the so-called ““phantom limb““, which induces the body to feel strange due to the failure to use the injured ...
    • Method for registration of vaccines for covid 19, through nfc technology 

      Auccahuasi, Wilver; Herrera, Lucas; Rojas, Karin; Campos Martinez, Hernando; Loja Ponce, Erick; Yucra Sotomayor, Daniel; Herrera Salazar, José Luis (Institute of Physics, 2022)
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      “ In these times of pandemic caused by Covid-19, new ways of dealing with the effects of the virus emerge, for this reason multiple measures are being carried out with the intention of mitigating its effects in the event ...
    • “Methodology for the multichannel recording of upper limb muscle activity “ 

      Ovalle, Christian; Cordova-Buiza, Franklin; Herrera, Lucas; Auccahuasi, Aly; Romero Echevarría, Martha; Rojas, Karin; Urbano, Kitty; Barrera Loza, Ana; Figueroa Revilla, Jorge; Herrera Salazar, José Luis (Institute of Physics, 2022)
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      “In the study of the functioning of the muscle, the study standard is to be able to analyze its behavior or functioning, this behavior is represented by a continuous signal where the muscle signal can be recorded and ...
    • Convolutional Neural Networks with Transfer Learning for Pneumonia Detection 

      Iparraguirre-Villanueva, Orlando; Guevara-Ponce, Victor; Roque Paredes, Ofelia; Sierra-Liñan, Fernando; Zapata-Paulini, Joselyn; Cabanillas-Carbonell, Michael (Science and Information Organization, 2022)
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      “Pneumonia is a type of acute respiratory infection caused by microbes, and viruses that affect the lungs. Pneumonia is the leading cause of infant mortality in the world, accounting for 81% of deaths in children under ...
    • Competency-Based Curriculum Planning Model To Overcome Inconsistencies In Vocational Training 

      Neyra López, Carolina Amelia; Tacilla Ramìrez, Nancy Jesús; Rivera-Zamudio, July (Wolters Kluwer Medknow Publications, 2022)
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      “The objective of the research was to evaluate the consistency of different training proposals, proposing as a reference a competency-based curriculum planning model. Qualitative methodology was used from an ...
    • “Attitudes towards Research in Higher Education Students“ 

      Camacho Torre, Julissa; Balcázar Medina, Gaby; Chumpitaz Cáceres, María Zoila; Robalino Sánchez, Karla; Palacios Garay, Jessica Paola (ResearchTrentz Academy Publishing Education Services, 2022)
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      “In recent years, there have been positive changes in teaching and research; however, these are insufficient. The responsibility falls on the university, the undeniable center of knowledge, since it must embrace teaching ...
    • Comprensión lectora inferencial en estudiantes universitarios 

      Duche Pérez, Aleixandre Brian; Montesinos Chávez, Marcela Candelaria; Medina Rivas Plata, Anthony; Hyrum Siza Montoya, Christian (Universidad del Zulia, 2022)
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      La comprensión lectora inferencial es un nivel de concepción más profundo y amplio de las ideas que exige una atribución de significados, relacionándolos con experiencias personales y conocimiento previo que posee el lector ...
    • Design of a Mobile Application for the Logistics Process of a Fire Company 

      Parra Aquije, Luis Enrique; Vasquez Carranza, Luis Gustavo; Alfaro Pena, Gustavo Bernnet; Cabanillas-Carbonell, Michael; Andrade-Arenas, Laberiano (Science and Information Organization, 2022)
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      “Currently, the logistics process is an important part for any company because it helps to manage the assets and products that enter and leave it. Some companies carry out this process physically, saving the information ...

      ORTEGA ZAVALA, Daniel L.; DELGADO COTRINA, Gwendolyn A.; ALVAREZ DÍAZ, Ezzard O. (International Institute of Informatics and Systemics, IIIS, 2022)
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      “This publication describes the situation of micro and small companies (pymes) in the metalworking sector in the Los Olivos district. Currently there are various studies on the situation of pymes and they argue the ...
    • Mobile Application Design: Sale of Clothes Through Electronic Commerce 

      Jauregui-Velarde, Raul; Conde Arias, Franco Gonzalo; Herrera Salazar, José Luis; Cabanillas-Carbonell, Michael; Andrade-Arenas, Laberiano (Science and Information Organization, 2022)
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      “During the COVID-19 pandemic, small clothing sales companies lost economic income and customers due to a lack of digital transformation, causing the dismissal of many employees. Due to this problem, our objective is ...