" Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, magnetic resonance imaging, visual rating scores, medial temporal atrophy score" [1]
      " anxietyhealth professionalsCOVID-19Perumental healthSARS-CoV-2" [1]
      " Demanda Cognitiva Matemática; Educación Gamificada; Juegos Virtuales; Sesiones de Aprendizaje; Uso de Videojuegos." [1]
      " lung cancer, lung cavity, invasive mucinous adenocarcinoma, prognosis, computed tomography, Peru" [1]
      " self-carediabetes mellitustype 2COVID-19" [1]
      "adolescents; CD-RISC; Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale; cross-cultural research; factor analysis; Peru; psychometric; reliability; resilience; South America; translation; validity" [1]
      "Augmented reality Design thinking Mobile application Preschool education Quechua" [1]
      "behavioral activation; Environmental Reward Observation Scale; depression; anxiety; clinical sample" [2]
      "Body mass index Metabolic syndrome Cardiovascular diseases Bariatric surgery Peru " [1]
      "Callinectes sapidus; growth; feeding; Penaeus vannamei; Mastigoteuthis flammea; Oreochromis niloticus" [2]
      "cannabis; high density lipoproteins; low-density lipoprotein; cholesterol; Peru " [1]
      "Classify Discovering Latent dirichlet allocation Text corpus Topics" [1]
      "CNN; identification; models; pathogen; plant; classification; machine learning" [2]
      "Communications media Fear Pandemics COVID-19 (source: MeSH NLM)" [2]
      "Comprensión lectora inferencial; test CLOZE; estudiantes universitarios; universidad privada; lectura." [1]
      "Conjoined twins Ischiopagus Neurophysiological monitoring 3D printing " [1]
      "corporate social responsibility; customer satisfaction; customer trust; customer loyalty; retail banking; Peru" [2]
      "COVID-19 Confinement Food consumption Body weight Ibero-America" [1]
      "COVID-19, quality of life (QoL), rural population, SARS-CoV-2, jungle, mental problems, Peru " [1]
      "COVID-19, quality of life (QoL), rural population, SARS-CoV-2, jungle, mental problems, Peru" [1]